Reply To: Global warming is well underway


From a Reuters interview:

SWISS CAMP, Greenland Ice Cap, June 6 (Reuters) – Dr. Konrad Steffen is the director of University of Colorado at Boulder’s Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences and a veteran researcher of Arctic climate. He discussed the accelerating melting of Greenland’s ice cap and its effects on global ocean levels in an interview with Reuters on May 18 at his field research camp.

Q: Did the last Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report underestimate the forecast for the rise in ocean levels?

A: I think it definitely underestimated. We complained heavily before it was released

Right now we have warming all the way down to the mid-latitudes.

We have never had such a high carbon dioxide level in the past 500,000 years.

Q: How do you view the media coverage of climate change?

A: One disappointment I would raise is if you look at the understanding of climate change by scientists — let’s be generous — 95 percent of scientists say we understand the process and we are convinced there is global warming. The media reports it, like a lot of other stories, as 50-50. …

INTERVIEW-Global warming and the melting of Greenland