Reply To: Sceptics on global warming a baby-boomer, yuppie thing etc


Just come across batty, right-wing rant from public relations advisor Alan Caruba.
Titled America Goes Insane Over the Weather, it begins:

It’s official. America is now totally insane over the weather.

Continues, including:

To make matters worse, people are being told and actually believing that what they do or not can affect the weather in ways to keep the seas and temperatures from rising.

That is a definition of insanity.

Goes on with a whole lot of unsubstantiated nonsense – for after all, his audience is right wing idiots, the sort who can’t figure that “weather” (short term) is different from “climate” (longer term).
Tells the idiots that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant; but if someone were to fill Mr Caruba’s home with nothing else, you might figure he’d complain a tad.

Googling, quickly find that Caruba is a regular propounder of pap.
There’s a page dedicated to him on ExxonMobil Secrets, about organisations and people that are sceptical of warming and receive(d) funding from ExxonMobil (it’ll be interesting to see what these sceptics do now the company has said it will halt such funding, even started talks re lowering greenhouse gas emissions): Alan Caruba.

Caruba’s abundant pap includes article titled Global warming: Lies, lies, damnable lies!, with typically vacuous statements, and even dissing the notion in New York Times editorial that “the seemingly indestructible snows of Kilimanjaro that inspired Ernest Hemingway’s famous short story may well disappear in the next 15 years.”
Perhaps Caruba is cheefully oblivious to readily available info such as:
Melting snow on Kilimanjaro – where graphics starkly show how in recent decades the once abundant snow and ice at the summit has melted to almost nothing.
See also NASA photos, Snow and ice on Mount Kilimanjaro

In 2005, Caruba wrote another piece for right-wing idiots, It’s Getting Colder, Not Warmer.
Based this load of codswallop on one book, Caruba had the gall to assert:

Science is a wonderful thing.

– which is his most damnable lie of all. For if Caruba truly believed in science, he’d shut up, or cover the work by the vast majority of climate scientists that shows global warming is a reality.

But Caruba’s just another self-serving befuddler of idiots, trying to stave off attempts to recognise and maybe moderate the likely impacts of climate change.
Now, he has stooped to insultilng his own nation – calling America “insane” for becoming concerned about climate change.
Tempting to call him insane. But the truth, perhaps, is he’s just plain greedy, happy to take energy companies’ money and write whatever helps bring in the cheques.
If Caruba has descendants, wonder how they’ll feel as the earth warms and impacts are more widely felt.

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