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Back in my univ days in the UK, used to hear of the “Loony Left” for some political types with daft ideas. In UK, not sure how should call the rightwingers – Rabid Righties? – who seem oblivious to facts and commonsense (we know CO2 asorbs heat emitted after sun heats the earth; so add more, and earth is likely to get warmer – err, which part of this can’t you understand, rabid ones?)

Just read of a republican senator, Jim Inhofe, who’s someohow on senate environmental committee, giving blustering speech saying global warming isn’t real.
Over at ThinkProgress – CNN Fact Checks Inhofe’s Diatribe Against Global Warming Sci, there’s a blog post inc link to CNN item showing Inhofe was factually incorrect. CNN notes that in recent five-year period, Inhofe received US$850,000 from oil and gas industries.

See also a post on blog at Grist Magazine:
Inhofe’s speech and right-wing global warming myths
– comments posted there include quote from book, The Republican War on Science:

There may be no other issue today where a corruption of the necessary relationship between science and political decision-making has more potentially disastrous consequences. And together, Jame Inhofe and the Bush administration have made that corruption systematic and complete.

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