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More evidence that the global warming "sceptics" are receiving some juicy support from industries involved in producing greenhouse gases:

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A Colorado electricity cooperative is urging other power groups to support global warming skeptics and has donated $100,000 to a climatologist who has labeled some of his colleagues "alarmists." The Intermountain Rural Electric Association’s general manager wrote in a letter to other energy cooperatives that it also helped raise contributions from others for Dr. Patrick Michaels, a climatologist at the University of Virginia and a fellow at the CATO Institute in Washington D.C. … "I would say it’s smoking gun evidence that industry is trying to buy science to back its anti-environmental propaganda on global warming," said Frank O’Donnell, president of Washington D.C.-environmental group Clean Air Watch. "Something coming from a Patrick Michaels should carry a warning label," he said. "’Caution: this commentary bought with industry money."’

Power group promoting global warming skeptic

from Washington Post:

Lewandowski [of power company], who said he believes global warming is real just not as big a problem as scientists claim, acknowledged this is a special interest issue. He said the bigger concern is his 130,000 customers, who want to keep rates low, so coal-dependent utilities need to prevent any taxes or programs that penalize fossil fuel use. He said his effort is more aimed at stopping carbon dioxide emission taxes and limits from Congress, something he believes won’t happen during the Bush administration.

Utilities Give Warming Skeptic Big Bucks – ah yes, the Bush administration…