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INTERVIEW Switzerland Samuel Jutzi is l’un directors of
l’Organisation of the United Nations for l’alimentation and
l’agriculture (FAO). It analyzes the consequences of the influenza
aviaire for the poultry producers and the consumers.

To the head office of FAO, to Rome, Samuel Jutzi, directs division
livestock health and production. A station which places it in first
line in the battle against virus H5N1 that FAO carries out on the
ground, mainly in the countries deprived of effective veterinary

– Why the trade play does such a role in the propagation of the
influenza aviaire?

– Quite simply because the avicolous sector became a sector
globalized par excellence! Since a score of years, in the whole
world, he knows a spectacular growth and incredibly industrialized
himself. The weight of the exchanges does not cease increasing. For
this reason the poultry trade explains in good part the expansion of
the disease, in spite of strict medical rules on a world level.

– And its origin? Does the mass production offer a ground favorable
to the virus?

– Not. It is necessary to distinguish between the density of
poultries in an area and the number of poultries in the industrial
companies. These last can be protected effectively from the viruses.
Actually applied, the safety requirements of these complexes offer a
high degree of protection. For a virus, the best conditions of
development they are the family breedings with a strong density of

– A to hear you, the future they are the factories with poulets…

– There is D E any manner a tendency to industrialization encouraged
by the economy. In Europe, the near total of the production is done
already in an intensive way, the developing countries follow the same
evolution. Current epizooty still will accelerate the movement since
the poultries can be better protected in these protected artificial
environments. Other side of the coin: the races will be fewer and
that will lead to the standardization.

– And farm chickens? They will be soon nothing any more but one good

– Not, but this type of production will be very minority. The
poultries of great quality, high in the open air and nourished with
the grain will become products of niche. In Europe, one wants to
continue to produce them, but for that it is necessary to find the
means of protecting them from epizooties. It is one of the reasons
for which France tries out the vaccination targeted in certain areas.
Because it is known that after this influenza aviaire which is spread
on planet, there will be other epizooties. In a globalized world, it
is difficult to escape from it.