“In Murmansk region the shooting of the migratory birds was completed”

In Murmansk region the shooting of wild migratory birds for purposes
of the preventive maintenance of bird influenza is practically
completed. The today controlling services declare, that in the region
there is no bird influenza. But many forms migrate, and the
theoretical chance of unfavorable distribution nevertheless remains.
Cannot be weakened control, and monitoring is necessary. All
migratory birds befit for the preventive shooting. For the analysis
the veterinary surgeon is beret the fragment of bowels of bird.
Corpse will be burnt. Deputy division head of okhotnadzora Of
rossel’khoznadzora of Murmansk region Stanislav kirchigin: “our
division already returned forty tests, and they thus far indicate
that the result is negative – all normal”, reports GTRK “Murman”.