Yamal – north Siberia (region never affected)

“The special-brigades on the shooting of the migratory birds are created on Yamal”

On 25 May on Yamal special brigades will begin to frighten away and
to fire back migratory birds. The specialists entered into the
composition of brigades Rossel’khoznadzora, MCHS [EMERGENCY AND
DISASTER RELIEF MINISTRY], veterinary service, militiamen hunters. As
noted the deputy chief of the self-contained division for the
administration Of rossel’khoznadzora for Tyumen’ Oblast, Yugry also
of Yamal Andrey Shcherits, the first measure for the preventive
maintenance of bird influenza is planned for the period from 25 May
through 5 June, then brigade leaves in Priural’e.

Specialists do not exclude, that some hunters, in spite of the rules,
will leave to okhotugod’ya for the traditional trade. In that case
the disturbers will be made to answer. Minimum punishment – these are
penalty from 500 rubles, maximum – deprivation of permission for
conducting of hunting.

The large requirements of authority present also to participants in
the brigades on frightening off and shooting of the migratory birds:
if we professional fisherman, called protect the trusted to it
territory from the penetration to it of the potential carriers of
dangerous infection, they will find after the hunting, and not by
shooting, it immediately will be derived from the composition of
brigade and also they will summon.