Ekologi: the destruction of crows in the city will lead to the dominance of the rats

The defenders of wild nature speak against the destruction of crows
in the Russian cities. Let us recall that the previously similar
method of fight with the bird influenza proposed the main sanitary
doctor of the country gennadi onishchenko. He said that “the crows
must be mercilessly destroyed”, because “crow – is the feathered
wolf”, that eats up carrion, including wild bird, and it can become
the source of the spread of bird influenza. The defenders of nature
assert that this it is not possible to make. “if we destroy all crows
in the city, then the dominance of the rats, that are the peddlers of
many infections, will begin, and in this sense they are much more
dangerous than crows”, it stated to journalists the colleague of the
center of the protection of wild nature Irina travina.

Furthermore, to get rid of the stir around the theme issued a call
the minister of agriculture of Russia. Minister called “to the
calmness” and he stated about the need of creating the special
“staff” at the Russian level, which could extend the specific
recommendations about how avoid bird influenza as fight with its
penetration to the territory of the country.