Mar 06, Colombo: People of the Rathnapura area are chasing away the
large flocks of birds which add beauty and fame to the famous gem
city of Sri Lanka.

Fire crackers and other methods used to chase the migrant birds which
gather in large numbers during the season have become a nuisance to
both the birds and people. Panic created after the eruption of bird
flu in neighbouring India has already affected the poultry industry
in Sri Lanka.

Provincial Deputy Director of Health Mr. D.A.B. Dangalle has prompted
the epidemiology department of the Colombo National Hospital to
conduct an investigation and the research carried out by a team of
doctors of the Peradeniya Veterinary Research Institute has proved
that Rathnapura birds cause no health hazard. They examined a number
of poultry farms in the area as chickens are the most prone to the

People chase Rathnapura birds in fear of bird flu