The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) said today (June 1) that the Starling found earlier in Mong Kok was confirmed to be H5N1 positive after a series of laboratory tests.

The Starling was collected at 101-109 Boundary Street on May 26 by AFCD staff following a public referral.

A department spokesman reminded the public to observe good personal hygiene.

“They should avoid personal contact with wild birds and live poultry and clean their hands thoroughly after coming into contact with them,” he said.

Starling tests positive for H5N1 virus
Another case from real near the bird markets.
A species that’s mainly a winter visitor to Hong Kong, and then found in rural areas (especially Mai Po), and is so hard to find now it’s summer that even records of one bird are “news” in local birding world.

Daft to suggest avoiding contact with wild birds!