I don’t know how stupid this pseudo-science is, but it sure looks some study points the finger squarely at wild duck (not dead ones mind you..,) carrying H5N1 without any evident pathological symptoms.

Here’s the link to an article in “The New Sceintist”:


The study mentioned in the article draws some conclusions that wild ducks carrying H5N1 in China make the virus virtually endemic, that the strains of the virus found in market poultry and in wild birds are identicle, that the strains haven’t changed (as would be expected if the virus came and went in waves,) that the virus is identicle to that found in Quinghai Lake event, and that it is similar to the virus identified in Turkey.

I think it adds strength to the idea that wild birds are strongly implicated in the spread of the virus.

“It is terribly important to realise that perfectly healthy looking birds have this damn virus.”