Greetings; hopefully those posting to this thread will be patient and help me frame some thoughts and questions concerning the avian bird flu matter. Can the actual research into the avian bird flu be a cause and effect device of man’s need to understand?

Consider, avian bird flu documented research can be traced back to the 1950’s, yet it never seems to make any headline news until 1997 when first reports of human fatalities began to surface. Looking at it from a basic mindset, science seems to use a test group in order to establish trends in a thing, taking the h5n1 virus and developing a test group in live poultry intergration farms can this be where it originates and if so can we find the proper antibodies needed to form a ‘cure’? My time is near up and yes there is a reasoning to my questions and would like to express them more as the next time allows. Thanks for listening and any answers to questions thus far to help inspire will be appreciated.

I wish you well.