Recent article in Le Monde looks at possible role of integrated fish farming; includes (via babelfish):

Does there exist a bond between these aquicultural practices and the regional propagation of epizooty? “the rule is the monitoring, known as still Joseph Domenech, chief of the veterinary services of the United Nations for the food and agriculture (FAO). As soon as a zone is touched, it is necessary to remove ducks of these systems (of integrated aquiculture). All that concerns the normal procedures.” According to Samuel Jutzi, Director of health and the livestock production with FAO, ” a transmission channel of the virus to wild fauna by this skew is not excluded “. But, ” it add does not exist yet of studies on this particular point”.

FAO recommends, on its Internet site, “not to use (poultry droppings and manures) in the animal feeds in the countries touched by the influenza aviary or risking to be it. (…) In all the cases, the poultry dejections and manure must be subjected to a rigorous control. (…) It is necessary to prevent any escape towards the rivers.

– so FAO now has reservations it seems, after heavily promoting integrated fish farming. Yet, not very public about this, instead still ready blame for wild birds. Hmm…

I was just briefly in Indonesia; by happenstance to a fish farm, where took photos inc catfish feasting on chicken carcasses. Aim to post to a webpage here.

Soupçons sur les poissons et les porcs