Can it be coincidence that, yeah verily as I post here even now, in this month of November that preceeds the December when you for some reason forecast the Rapture, I read an article in Esquire called Idiot America? All about wacky beliefs that go against science.

You got something useful to say about wild birds and h5n1 – let’s have it.

Otherwise, go peddle your crazy fearmongering and your sales of goods for the unnecessarily frightened elsewhere.

Oh, and December is one month away; no sign at all that flu is set to go pandemic (and even with 1918 virulence – massively unlikely if you read around here – will be a long way from the end of the world).

When the end of this year arrives and shows you’re wrong, wrong, wrong, I hope you’ll take down your site, stop your spammy posting on forums and whatever [this is your second post here, not that you seem to realise], and maybe even become a convert – to science.

Post edited by: martin, at: 2005/11/05 23:03