Mute Swans that have died of h5n1 in Croatia this autumn were said to have carried the virus from breeding grounds in Russia. No details were given; apparently no thought re whether they could make such a flight with the disease, and whether took a remarkably long time from them catching it to succumbing.

Anyway, just seen this, re a dying swan that had been ringed (banded) when it stopped over in Hungary:

The ring number is 10JJ.

The bird was caught and marked on 9 September at Balatonfüred.

It was still observed on 22 September at the same place.

It was observed in Croatia on 19 October at the same place where it has been found dead.

… it is very likely that the bird got the AI in Croatia.

Later info: turns out the swans had h5n1 before arriving on the fishponds in Croatia.
But, from western Europe (not Siberia), so still a mystery where they contracted the virus. Other waterbirds on the ponds not infected.

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