Genoa, 18 Oct. (AKI) – Italian customs police have confiscated 3,000
chickens, 36,000 duck eggs and 260 frozen ducks illegally imported from

Checking whether eggs can harbour virus, I quickly find (with Google):

Bird flu virus found in 45 eggs at Chinese airport checkpoint – about H5N1 found in eggs from chickens, ducks and geese, flown from Vietnam to Guangzhou, in May this year.

Passengers flying from Vietnam to Guangzhou, China, were carrying eggs infected with the bird (avian) flu H5N1virus, say Chinese officials. Officials say they have detected a total of 45 infected eggs from two separate flights. This is the first case of infected eggs in a Chinese airport in two years.

Officials were concerned because the eggs came from a variety of birds (chicken, goose and duck) and two separate flights. Many are wondering how many have got through.

The whole area has been disinfected (where the eggs were).

plus, of course, the virus need not be in the eggs – can be on the shells, from faeces

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