Hi Andy:

If wild birds could speak for themselves, I’d be happy to leave Niman as Niman, whatever that means. As they can’t, there’s a gross lack of balance here – and no scientist/purported scientist other than Niman is pushing the wild birds as vectors notion. (Robert Webster to tiny extent; I’ve emailed Stu Jude’s querying a silly quote by him, but no reply re this quote [was it wrong, or just silliness direct from him?])

I’ve spent but a tiny fraction of the energy Niman has expended attacking wild birds – for no apparent reason other than it makes a good story that helps raise his profile.

If just a few people think twice or more before looking at Niman’s notions, maybe some broader help too (cf anon physician above – might tell less scary info to patients).

Trust you’re glad you’re not about to be among knee deep piles of bodies within a couple of weeks, tho it’s kind of you to be not aggrieved at being had by one of Niman’s other fanciful tales of doom.


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