I roughly agree.

The problem is we are struggling over here on a local basis for bird protection and are constantly confronted with this kind of stuff. There seems to be no way to get through the firewall of ignorance and indolence.

There is nothing but waiting for better data. Is there really something under way?.

I was just reading the last OIE romania report: mode of transmission: wild birds. The story started in october, lots of dead or sick birds should lay around all over. Biomonitoring should show ample data.
To me there is no other rational

Why are people who’s livelihood is paid by the public allowed to maintain such stuff?

I think the pathogenicity of HPAI strains will decrease rather sooner than later for the simple reason the HPAI configuration does not represent the best chance of (long terme) survival for the AIV. There may occur interference on multiple levels. The second reason is also the most virulent strain will not be able to keep its profile and be subject to genetic alteration

The thrill is we don’t know the scenario

Thanks for this interesting and encouraging thread