Another one, like I really need to do this over and over.

TONGZHOU, China (AP) – Two men in masks and protective suits guarded the border between Beijing and Hebei province, watching for vehicles transporting live poultry under anti-bird flu measures announced Monday to protect the capital. Only shipments of live chickens, ducks and geese from three certified Hebei farms are allowed in, said Tian Zhigang, an animal quarantine officer at the Baimiao Inspection Station. So I'm thinking, if its all wild birds, why are the authorities watching the roads? Could it be both. 2% to 3% wild birds at a short distance, getting infected by the 100% of H5N1 positive chickens, ducks and geese as they migrate along the farms. Wild birds are going to really take a beating over this, for real. You should see what we did to Canadian Geese up here in one year. I use to see hundreds at a time, now I don't see them at all.