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Extracts of commentaries:

H5N1 Wild Bird Flu Spreads to Kursk in Western Russia?

Recombinomics Commentary
August 17, 2005

According to the Ministry’s report for today makes about 11,300 poultry
heads dead of the bird flu in Russia. Now the Ministry has received
confirmation of the epidemic in Kursk Oblast.

The above comments indicate the H5N1 wild bird flu has moved to the
western edge of Russia (see map). However, the major jump has not been widely reported. If true it seems that H5N1 will spread throughout
Europe this fall. Some had speculated that the migration this fall
would only affect more southern regions of Europe such as the Caspian
and Black Seas, as well as the Mediterranean.

However, H5N1 has been reported in many species and several migratory
paths overlap in Europe, so if some or most inflected flocks can
transport and transmit H5N1, the widespread infections would be

The path from Qinghai Lake to Xinjiang Province, to Chany Lake to the
Ural Mountains demonstrates that migratory birds can easily and quickly
transport and transmit H5N1 over long distance, raising the distinct
possibility that soon H5N1 will be distributed worldwide.


H5N1 Wild Bird Flu in Talapker Kazakhstan Targets Mediterranean

Recombinomics Commentary
August 16, 2005

“In the village of Talapker, the North Kazakhstan Region, over one
hundred geese, hens and ducks died on August 8-15. Laboratory tests
identified avian influenza,” the territorial department of Kazakhstan’s
Ministry of Agriculture told Itar-Tass.

both had wrong info, according to WWF Russia:

The Ministry (Agriculture) has no information about bird flu in Kursk
region. Additionally, the AI was not confirmed in Kalmykia: the death of
domestic birds was caused by other stomach infection.