Ah yes, Niman seems to have stopped bothering about petty things such as facts.

His commentary includes:

Since many birds that nest or rest at Qinghai Lake go on to summer at Chany Lake. It is very likely that the sequences of H5N1 from both places is similar.

– well, it would be bizarre for birds that breed at Qinghai (during their spring/summer) would then move a good way north for summer.
Evidence here of Niman wanting things both ways – I’ve seen another post from last month, in which he said there was already snow in Qinghai, and birds already moving south from there.

“It is very likely…” – again, we don’t really need facts when there’s a story to tell.

And, it is indeed likely I think; but that could be because it’s a similar virus that’s being spread in poultry. (Which I figure could be transported in whichever direction – especially along highways, as the outbreaks perhaps follow.)

Sad thing is, Googling for “chany lake qinghai geese” in case there does happen to be a source for Niman’s bizarre assertion about goose movements between the two lakes, I found no such info, but 34 results, most of them quoting Niman.
One of the sites with the info is freerepublic.com – “the premier online gathering place for independent, grass-roots conservatism on the web.” I figure this is for people who are a darn sight scarier than any geese.

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