FCKeditor and IMCE w Drupal

Also applies to CKeditor.

Posted to Drupal forum, to thread started by someone who had tried but failed to use FCKeditor and IMCE to try and add photos to articles. Much the same applies for newer CKeditor.Unknown Object

Just found this thread; after looking re using IMCE to create folders for users [not sure it can do so for each indiv user I'd like to ]

Agree Drupal should be stronger re editors and images: indeed seems old-timers into basic text, and no images. (Major improvements are in Drupal 7.)

Haven't read all posts here, but adding a bit of info lest helpful; based on Drupal 6.

I too have tried several editors and image adding methods.
For articles, come to favour FCKeditor and IMCE.
[for photos to use separately, as in gallery, indeed not so sure re solution; have menalto gallery, and maybe changes there will lead to something better w Drupal; tho views etc should be able to do something. Sadly, efforts seem to be rather scattergun, w various galleries]

Anyway, FCKeditor can be a nuisance, but doesn't really take long to set up if go right route. [but if wrong, can think it's named as often shouting about this FCKing editor!] Indeed must download FCKeditor separately, and include in module, which I'd think better named FCKeditormodule or something.
One thing is that need to have users assigned to groups that can use FCKeditor – even the chief admin [user1] doesn't have permission straight away, which is odd.
Then, can choose re "profiles" for FCKeditor: for yourself and important folk, aim for Drupal full. Maybe use the Advanced profile that comes w the module.
Need to select file browser: use FCKeditor's own browser [though for this seems have to edit a setting in FCKeditor file(s), or more readily enabled IMCE. I'm not so sure re benefits of IMCE for this, beyond being able to create thumbnails during upload if needed.

Then, can browse inside the site's /files/ folder.
Inside this folder, you may want to create more folders – perhaps one for images, maybe more within this. so might be files/images/
Permissions can be an issue here – I wonder if get server error if don't have permission to read/write folders. Permission 777 may be worth a try.

With IMCE, also need to assign profiles to user groups, though at least user1 works right away.
Using this, choose it as browser in FCKeditor options.
There's directory creation tool; just trying, and not obvious if it can create folder for each user. Till now, though, I've been main contributor, so haven't worried about this.

Anyway, once all this is working, becomes pretty easy to browse for existing photos, or to upload them; and to then insert in stories etc you are editing – options for, say, image appearing to left of text, or to right [best to set a couple of pixels horizontal space – padding – if so]. Can add alt text, too.
With image inserted, can resize it by dragging corners w mouse. – as yet, I haven't gone avenue of adding thumbnail, allowing users to then click and see full image w Lightbox, which I think possible but maybe overkill.
Doesn't make for real fancy designs, but works well enough I think.

Ah, and one other thing – you also need to choose an Input Format that does not strip images out of text!
[Long seemed a darn nuisance that such a thing happened with default Drupal – but I've lately had people try to post comments with links that have no text, set at zero pixels, so invisible if don't see code. Some crafty nasty blighters out there, hence all that filtering]
For yourself, as user1, Full HTML should be fine.

Reading this, might seem a faff, but set up new site last night, and getting fckeditor and imce working took only minutes.
Once they are working, creating articles is pretty easy; you can make real progress w Drupal, and move on… On to being baffled by some more modules etc, but also thinking it's good when tags working, related articles showing, menu links created automatically [jquerymenu; a new one for me] and so on.


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