English Writer and Editor – Martin Williams

I work as a writer and editor to meet the needs of clients. The needs of people like you.

You provide the info, I’ll produce the words

You’re busy, always pushed for time, with a variety of projects on the go at the same time, striving to meet deadlines, maintain quality, keep top management happy. You have ideas a-plenty, yet there are times when you need someone to help you put them into practice.

That’s where I come in. As a public relations company boss once said of me, “We give you meat – and out come sausages.” You provide me with the information, and an outline of what needs doing, and I’ll come up with the words.

What I’ve learned

I have a strong background in science and writing magazine features, including for Reader’s Digest. This means I’ve worked with some downright pernickety supervisors and editors. I’ve learned about structuring material, fact checking, gathering information through reading and interviewing people.

Plus, of course, I’ve learned about writing. Writing for different audiences, whilst always being aware of flow control, using straightforward language, and aiming for brevity.

A writer for all reasons

This background has served me well in copywriting for businesses. I’ve written and edited a slew of press releases, success stories, invitations, brochures, pamphlets ­– and even a flyer or two. I’ve worked on websites with an eye on search engine optimisation, conceived occasional adverts, and crafted video scripts.

My clients range from non-governmental organisations, through financial services and IT companies, to government departments.

How can I help you help your company?

So what do you need doing? How can I help?

Contact me, and we can work on a project, aiming to boost your company’s brand, enhance its competitiveness, deliver ROI. We’ll do so with words that suit your target audience, whether this is mainly high-powered executives, editors, or regular customers. We’ll create something fresher and more original than the vast majority of the corporate spiel people see day after day.

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