Drupal images n photo galleries

Drupal 6 does allow creation of superb galleries.

Drupal 6 is a curious beast when it comes to images n photos. It is possible to create superb, image rich sites with Drupal; but for a non coding type like me, there is scope for befuddlement.

(Note that improvements re images are included in Drupal 7; modules such as Image and ImageCache are in core.)

First off, Drupal's default Input Filter doesn't even like images – strips img tags out of html (a thread on drupal.org indicates there are potential security threats with img tags) – so the first time I tried text with an image or two, took me some time to figure why they didn't appear. Answer here: use filter allowing img, maybe adding to Filtered HTML, or maybe using Full HTML or a custom filter.

Even with this, mostly need to add a module or several to help add and manage photos.
For me, these are to fulfil three main needs: photos illustrating articles, photos in albums/galleries, and images to help enliven the site, such as in random image block, and header images. [Note that images on my sites are mostly mine, tho a very few users also add images.] I'm using Drupal 6.
There are quite a few choices available; get overlapping features. I've used yellow highlighting for modules I use.

Modules for Adding Photos to Articles in Drupal

Image Module

Checking Drupal site, the Image Module seems an obvious choice for photos n Drupal; looks to be something of an old warhorse in Drupal world, albeit updated warhorse.

But to me it's odd for making uploaded images into nodes – allows Drupal to handle them as nodes, so taxonomy terms and so forth can work, but not so readily placed within articles that I can see. Plus, very importantly, version I've tried just slapped all images into one folder – with a lot of images, this could become horribly unwieldy. I've seen a thread inc patch for this, but wasn't sure if this was for me.

Comes with a small collection of modules, inc Image Gallery. I've read of being able to use this with Views, which seemed attractive; when I tried in Drupal 6, Image didn't appear in Views.


IMCE was first developed to help browse through and upload images when using TinyMCE editor; uses since extended, including to work with Ckeditor, which I use it with.

Just scanning info on the module, I probably don't make use of all its features. Even so, I find it very useful; it handles folders (directories) within images, can upload photos, as well as helping choose photos to add to articles. It is, however, perhaps a tad too sophisticated for typical users of my sites, who generally aren't techies, want to post quickly without fussing re learning new stuff.

Image Picker

"Finally a good Drupal image module" is title of page by creator of Image Picker module. Well, that might put a few noses out of joint; but here's a pretty straightforward module, for use as people create content – can upload images, create thumbnails, and place them within the content; can also browse thro images you've already uploaded. So, somewhat akin to IMCE I think, tho perhaps easier for users in a hurry.

Modules for Albums and Galleries in Drupal

Node Gallery [UNSUPPORTED]

Node Gallery was a newcomer when I first wrote these notes; since been developed, maintained (including Drupal 7) and looked strong to me – but in early May 2012, message from Drupal security re an unfixed security issue, and module unsupported. Sad! Documentation was better than I've seen for the somewhat similar Views Gallery. Worked with imagecache module, to produce galleries that are nodes, with images that are likewise nodes.

Views Gallery

The Views Gatlery module helps create a relatively simple gallery, or set of galleries, that use Views functionality, togetther with ImageCache, and some other modules. As Views is powerful – yet can be baffling – this leads to a host of possibilities; I've found it helps get past the daunting initial stages of setting up a gallery. Then, can use Views in various ways, such as creating slideshows with thumbnails or tiny images (which ImageCache creates), lists of photo keywords or photo titles, blocks with images…

NOTE: I've covered some of my efforts with expanding on this module's functionality in Views Gallery w modifications.
Also: seems to me Views Gallery was launched, then left somewhat becalmed. When I've checked forum thread on Drupal 7 version, say, doesn't seem too encouraging – particularly as I saw indications that may not be easy to upgrade from Drupal 6 version. (Mind you, I've also seen indications of trouble with Drupal 7 itself!)

Album Photos

Album Photos (which I reckon would be better named Photo Albums; seems it also gets called Photos, inc as name of modules folder) is evidently a newcomer amongst the small band of photo gallery/album modules in Drupal.

Seems to me it's already among the best of them. Allows multiple photo uploads, to folders that can include users' names; can dictate how many albums users can create.

Works ok as is, but it's best when also indlude dfgallery, which is a separate open source Flash gallery. This can lead to very nice slideshows, say – especially if press the button for full screen option.

Initial version also supported Piclens (now CoolIris), which can lead to very impressive 3D look to collections of images. Later supporting swf; produces real nice flash galleries.


Bornfree looks nice on demo page; said to be useful for images along with text. Requires Image and Image Attach; I've used and not so keen on Image (partly as not keen on storage: seems images into one folder, while I prefer multiple named folders to help deal with fairly large nos of photos).

Fast Gallery

Fast Gallery promises to help w setting up galleries quickly; can scan folders with images, pull images together to create galleries.

Brilliant Gallery

Brilliant Gallery looks to have many features. Requires typing syntax into nodes, custom blocks (there is a default block).

Menalto Gallery

I've used Menalto Gallery for some years, initially with Joomla sites, now with Drupal. It's certainly packed with features, with plenty of options for themes etc, among a range of add-ons. It's actually distinct software, so can use standalone, and "embed" in sites built with, say, Drupal. I used to embed in Joomla sites; used the nifty Gallery Module to embed in a Drupal 5 site. As this module didn't work in Drupal 6, I changed to use Gallery as standalone, via links from main site.
I've upgraded to Gallery 3, which has been in pretty lengthy development. Previously, I saw notions re embedding this in Drupal, but perhaps will be for Drupal 7, sometime, eventually…

Now, as above info shows, advances within Drupal and its modules mean it's possible to build a strong gallery within Drupal itself.

Modules for Displaying Images in Drupal

Dynamic Display Block

Dynamic Display Block is a module for Drupal 6; uses some javascript codes to create blocks with varying content, which can include images. Looks to me a good choice for random image blocks, inc for headers (currently using for my headers). Newly released advanced version looks impressive, inc for use on a site's frontpage – could, say, have nifty block, showing changes images w links to main site sections.

jcarousel Block

jcarousel Block looks promising for also displaying images via javascript, with horizontal and vertical strips of images, which can be changed after tiime intervals or by clicking on arrows – but when I installed earlier version, got error messges at tops of site pages, so deactivated it; I should try again sometime, as newer version available. (Have just retried, only briefly, and didn't persevere till had it working.)

Views Slideshow

Views Slideshow – which adds to Views module – looks to have immense potential; able to give slideshow effects to various types of content, text as well as images.
Using quickly, I've a slideshow with latest comments. Done with a View page I created, to show latest comments (8); after Views Slideshow module installed, I could select Formatting, then choose slideshow, with a few settings. So far, this shows a comment; then fades and another comment appears – currently trying it on front page of site.

As Views Slideshow works with nodes and so forth that can be handled by Views, there are many possibilities: this is noted by the documentation.

Views Rotator

Views Rotator looks, on my quick check, rather like Views Slideshow, but simpler. Tho the project page notes that it's far from complete, for Drupal 6.


  1. Thanks much!

    Great article…helped me zero in on jcarousel as the simplest option for what I'm trying to do with my site: cameras accessories. An interesting feature with that module is that it's pretty clever when you attach the block to a node. If the node has a CCK imagefield, it will pull the right images automatically. No code, no view creation, etc. Very cool. Should save me some time.

  2. A plug for Image Browser

    I tried almost all the modules for uploading photos in posts, and was very frustrated until I found the combo of "Image Browser" and "FCKeditor". They work smoothly together, and "Image Browser" works just as well as IMCE, but with a much better looking interface that’s easier to use. Now I’ve got photos on all my posts…

    • Images and photo galleries in Drupal 6 | DocMartin
      I’m impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s equally educative and engaging, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head.
      The issue is something which not enough folks are speaking intelligently about.
      I’m very happy that I stumbled across this in my hunt for something relating to this.

  3. Image modules for Drupal

    I’ve only just discovered Drupal, but I’ve already created several sites: charlestonrevitusergroup being the most developed. I also created an internal intranet for my office which in conjunction with Outlook and RSS feeds allows everyone in our office to have almost real-time chat abilities including video conferencing on demand.

    I’ve tried several image upload and gallery modules so far (Gallery 2 – didn’t like it), Image, and recently tried enabling the image upload in fckeditor, which cause all kinds of weird login issues with Drupal for some reason.

    I am happy to have found Album Photos. It has most of the features I was looking for, and seems stable and easily integrates into my page design. Try it!

    • Album photos and fckeditor

      I have tried Album Photos; didn’t find it too refined, and consider Gallery far more advanced, plus more active development (work on Gallery 3 proceeding).

      Odd re login issues with fckeditor. I use it together with IMCE; works well for adding photos to articles. I also tried Image Browser with fckeditor, but not good for me, especially as I found I couldn’t access folders with images.

  4. I know this is shameless
    I know this is shameless self-promotion, on an older article at that, but if anyone on the Internet is looking for a dead-simple image gallery solution….

    I created a simple Drupal 6 module called “Easy Gallery.” I wrote it specifically for a non-technical client who I knew couldn’t handle anything complicated at all, so the module is designed to work in a similar fashion as Facebook’s photo galleries.

    You can download it from my site:


    • Another Gallery?

      If you are serious about pushing your new “easy” gallery then please can you submit it to Drupal.org so that it is available through the normal mechanisms.


  5. Views slideshow and imageflow and Drupal 7

    Enquiry just received:

    [quote]I've just been reading through the interesting feedback you've provided on various Drupal modules dealing with images. It's very useful and nicely presented. Thank you.

    I'd very much like to know which modules you used for displaying the images on your site, particularly the slideshow below the header on each page and your Photo Gallery.

    I've recently been trying out Drupal 7 but have put that on hold until more contributed modules are available for it. So I've now reverted to continuing development of my Drupal 6 build and it's proving to be time consuming to find and trial various image handling modules – as you have done. I'm tending towards using Views because I don't want to have a node created for every image I upload for a gallery or popups. I think I have bulk image upload sorted with plupload – because it behaves similar to Media, Add file in Drupal 7.

    I'd just like to know which modules are displaying your site images.[/quote]

    My reply:

    [quote]Thanks; glad article helped some, tho thought I explained rather more there about what I'm doing.

    Using VIews Gallery; seen this should be updated to D7 in time, which is important for me!

    Sometimes made my own views modules, like for arrays of mini thumbnails, and galleries (I believe using pages for these).
    Also Views Slideshow, with Imageflow for the slideshow I think you mean – where can flick thro photos rather as on iPhone, say. Here, too, image effects for reflection, and changed background of imageflow to black.

    I hadn't known about that for bulk upload; should be important: been using one for Views Gallery, but maybe it has vanished now, perhaps as its developer stopped.[/quote]

  6. Images and photo galleries in Drupal 6 | DocMartin

    Remarkable things here. I аm veгy happy to peeг your pоst. Thank you a lot and I'm looking forward to contact you. Will you please drop me a e-mail?

    [of course I won't email, as you give no address, nor even reason why I should – Martin]

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