Mambo Menalto

I began using Gallery 1.5 with Mambo; since moved two sites to Joomla!, and installed Gallery 2 together with the Gallery 2 bridge component. Unknown Object

Also since migrated sites to Drupal, which doesn't work with Gallery just now, though still have separate installs of Gallery (versions 2 and 3), on three sites. Info here is from days when I used Joomla w Gallery.

Menalto Gallery 1.5 is and isn't a Mambo Component

At mamboforge, I found the Gallery page, which puffed Gallery's benefits - "A slick, intuitive web based photo gallery with authenticated users and privileged albums. Easy to install, configure and use..." - but gave near-zip other info except the Menalto Gallery home page.

Over at the homepage, I found plenty of info on Gallery, but it took me some time to find just how to install it (Gallery 1.5) in Mambo site: that info's at Embedding Gallery. The instructions were straightforward, even for me as php duffer, and I soon had Gallery working.

Soon also realised Gallery works as a Mambo component, but not as a dedicated component. For instance, I chose skin (colour scheme) that roughtly matched site, only to find that Gallery appearance remained basic white background with text. Also, sadly, the wonderful SEF URLs in Gallery as standalone - where skin choice is apparent - didn't carry over to Mambo, which gave raw cms style URLs.

BUT - a very big but - Gallery has proven excellent for other aspects of creating and administering the gallery and its albums (haven't yet bothered with sub-albums). Uploading photos is straightforward; there are plenty of choices for default settings - indeed, configuration setup takes time, but the info is helpful - including for maximum image size, thumbnail quality, how many images per page and so on. Plus, can choose frames for photos; I rather like the spiral notebook style.

I've encountered problems after moving webhosts; these are related to the separate software Gallery uses for operations like resizing images. Frustrating - as software problems are; but seemed to be permissions related, and resolvable with help from hosting company.


There are some fixes for both obtaining page titles with photo captions etc, and SEF URLs, with Gallery 1.5 in Mambo (4.5.2). A thread on Mambo/Gallery search engine friendly URLs includes fixes that are supposed to accomplish both; but when I tried LogicX's gallery.php in attempt to get page titles, only managed to add the word "Array". Brian Gillis describes how to work with Xaneon Extensions to produce very fine SEF URLs, in Mambo, Gallery and SEF Extension (I've tried his Gallery component fix on another site that uses Xaneon, but not working well for me - albums etc show, but not allowed to upload photos; too bad, as I'd love URLs as Brian has).

Gallery 2 - and Joomla! Bridge Component

Gallery 2 is a more recent development (tho Gallery 1.5 is still being developed too); significant improvements, including variety of plugins - modules - and themes. There's a ton of info about this on gallery forums; if you're interested, maybe a good place to start is thread called Mambo + G2 Document.

There's also a component for Gallery 2 - both for Mambo, and now for Joomla! Website for this is Gallery 2 Bridge. Seems development has been minimal lately - developer, Michiel, has forum post re stressful time. See also menalto Gallery forum on Joomla! integration at:

I upgraded to Gallery 2 on my other main website, now switched to Joomla! - Hong Kong Outdoors - Photo Gallery. Since switched this site's cms pages over to Joomla!, and installed Gallery 2.1 with the bridge component; later upgraded to Gallery 2.2.3. (And, partly as Gallery and Joomla integration not sizzling hot, also moved the site to Drupal)

It's a distinct improvement, including as:

- Themes and colour schemes "work" within Mambo/Joomla! - so can have background colours etc; and
- Page titles have gallery names (for galleries), and photo captions (for individual photos), which should be important for Google etc.

To install, I first installed as standalone Gallery 2; found the instructions for doing so excellent. Then, installed the Gallery 2 Bridge for Joomla! (as per regular component).
Had two apparent glitches: components admin pages showed list of all my website users, but none were within Gallery 2. Via forum at 4 the web, I found a fix: hit the Users button at the top of the screen. Did this, and all users imported.

Also: random image module for the bridge component wasn't working on this site, till I googled re the problem, found a forum post suggesting that need to install Gallery 2's imageblock module. This module isn't part of the regular install; but I downloaded and installed it, and now the random image module works fine.

Wrong Page Titles with Joomla! Cache on

Found I had wrong page titles for gallery articles and images - came from single photos, and might make a few clicks around gallery, and find page title wasn't changing. Not good, inc for Google (not just getting into Google: no use if someone looking for a photo of a Nordmann's Greenshank sees a result listed as "Cheung Chau", say!).
Took a bit of time searching for the answer: it's at: g2 Bridge and Joomla cache... - where it turns out that others had this and other problems with Joomla cache on. I turned off cache, and indeed found page titles ok.

Upgrade from Gallery 2 to 2.1 Problem: Must Drop MySQL Tables

Also, just upgraded a site's Gallery from 2 to 2.1. The Gallery change went fine, but installing the G2 Bridge (1.0.13 Beta 2) didn't work.

First, with the Bridge, I found that just got error when trying for configuration screen. Decided that maybe still had Gallery 2 (in folder gallery; I'd unpacked G2 to create new, gallery2 folder). Uninstalled new bridge, installed 1.0.12 version, which works with Gallery 2. Now, could change route to gallery2 - to give gallery2 rather than gallery folder. Reinstalled the newer version of Bridge, and could see configuration screen etc.

But - I couldn't save anything with configuration; inc the relative (to domain) path to bridge, which was blank. Figured this being blank could be reason my gallery was showing in Joomla site as just the basic thing - no theme, no images from the Bridge. Tried looking around in G2 files for place where I could make the changes; or maybe change a file's permission in case it wasn't being replaced; but no joy - not even in config.php.

Again, had to do some searching; answer via a forum thread is:
"This is a known bug in v2.0.13, - uninstall the component with Joomlas component installer - edit the Joomla database and drop the table jos_gallery2 and jos_gallery2_useralbums - reinstall the component 2.0.13."
- within Gallery:FAQ.

I did drop the tables - via cPanel, phpmyadmin; reinstalled, and things seem ok now.

Menalto Gallery and OpenSEF/SH404SEF

Turns out that can't get great SEF URLs with Gallery and the Bridge (you want these but haven't yet settled on CMS? - try Drupal). But with OpenSEF, can select option for Alias for the component - so can have URLs including word such as "gallery" before the start of the cms-style gobbledegook. 

OpenSEF now moribund, I believe; I switched to SH404SEF, tho didn't get great URLs with Gallery.

- Lately, shifted sites to Drupal 6; as yet, Gallery just standalone; I may build another gallery within Drupal itself.