Joomla URLs

Here's info on Joomla to 1.0.13 and SEF URLs:

NOTE: Joomla to version 1.0.13 has built in Search Engine Unfriendly URLs.

But, editing this in early March (and Nov) 07 - as just announced that next version, Joomla 1.5, will be capable of generating URLs that are:




brief and clean

- a huge step forward, I believe. 

Here's info on Joomla to 1.0.13:

Although Joomla! 1.0.x has option for "SEF URLs", these are Search Engine Unfriendly URLs, as have Itemids at the end, and can have new Itemid - a new URL - for each additional link you create. Results in multiple URLs for the same content, which is an SEO no-no: you'll suffer duplicate content penalty (one page may do well in SERPs, but the lookalikes will be well down; plus dilute any pagerank from links to the content).

Best solution, had been OpenSEF.


This was a wonderful component, but when there was argey-bargey re Joomla and contributions apparently having to use GNU licence, the developer, Predator, got pissed and promptly pulled down his site with OpenSEF forums etc - loads of contributed info, just gone; seemed Predator didn't give a monkey's about the community of users. And, maybe OpenSEF will be revived (hmm, looks less likely by the day).


There are several other options for creating SEF URLs.
ArtioSEF seemed tempting, but I read that it includes adverts. JoomSEF was version with the ads removed; but latest version included the ads.
After some time checking info, I decided to give sh404SEF a go. Tried it, and I like it. Gives some control over how the URLs are created (eg, here I use /category/aricle-title-alias.html). Has built-n ability to create SEF URLs with some important components, including Fireboard, which I've also switched to (from Joomlaboard).

Dreaming of Joomla with URLs that are both SEF - and Cool

I've posted to forums, inc re my wish list for URLs:

" Truly search engine friendly - ie one URL per item (no matter what link you follow to arrive there - via menu, a category listing, a sitemap...); easy for search engines to follow; with words if possible; and - also importantly - structured so that can keep the same URL even as upgrade.

Would also be more human friendly - I always feel better giving short links with words than raw cms type gibberish."


'Item on W3C is headed Cool URIs (URLs) don't change. Has some reasoning for this; also potential excuses - like "we just reorganized our website", "we had to move some files"... With top-notch URLs built into Mambo, wouldn't be extra excuses: "I run Mambo, and I just upgraded my Mambo version", or "I run Mambo, and just changed the way I generate URLs" '

Joomla forum has long thread on When will SEO be integrated? - much of it recalling Monty Python ("This isn't an argument, it's just contradiction"), and while some posts laughable, a few good - eg see by Predator on 3 October 2006. (Predator was developer of both Joomla! and OpenSEF)

I've made more posts; added copies to my forum on this site.