White Storks in Poland 2010

Welcome to the new season 2010 of the "Close-to-Storks" Project.

Email from Eva Stets, re White Storks about to nest in Poland - at a nest you can view online, with webcam.

[quote]In the evening, on March 24, a couple of storks came to our nest - some days earlier than in previous seasons. :)

One of the storks has a black ring above the right knee. At the first mating, which occured very quickly, it turned out that the ringed stork is a male. This is certainly not a male from the previous year, who had no ring.

It is possible that the new male is an “Aggressor”, who last year tried to take over the nest (unsuccessfully). In the struggle he was injured (fortunately not too seriously), and he could not fly. Local vet cured and released him after several days. During convalescence of the stork Pawel T. Dolata ringed him above the right knee with a black ring "ELSA"-type (as distinct from the young storks, which was ringed above the left knees). Three times more the same intruder appeared in the nest to spend the night together with the frightened young storks; in that time they were almost ready to fly. For some reason, he delighted this nest especially.

But as long as the ring is not read, we can not be absolutely sure that this is the same stork.
It seems that the new couple decided to stay in our nest for the present breeding season.

We invite you to observe events in our stork-nest on our website:  www.bociany.ec.pl  .
Also We invite you to our forum to the small english part:  http://www.bocianyzprzygodzic.pun.pl/viewtopic.php?pid=21964#p21964
Some shot videos from our stork  from the date 24.03.2010 you can see here: http://bocianyzprzygodzic.pun.pl/viewtopic.php?pid=21837#p21837
Best regards from the project "Close to Storks"
Eva Stets[/quote]

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Time pass so quickly from my last news and we have nice observations’ of our Storks from the site www.bociany.ec.pl , but here first I must to write something more about our Storks in Poland , in Przygodzice.

After re sighting of the ELSA ring number by  telescope on 27th March, Pawel T. Dolata was a 100% sure, that our new male is last-year bird called "Aggressor" ringed as adult by me (ELSA tarsus ring) last spring after unsuccessful attack for this nest and previous owners. You can read about in my posts from last year (http://www.drmartinwilliams.com/conservation-and-environment/white-storks-in-poland-in-real-time.html) or see also with date: 16.07.2009 on link: http://bocianyzprzygodzic.pun.pl/viewtopic.php?pid=18286#p18286

On Tsech ornithology site but in English version - you can read very interesting article of the coordinator of our project, Mr. Pawel T. Dolata about our storks and what was last year with the male who is this year in our nest. There are some photos from now and before (I hope you will like it): http://www.vcpcso.cz/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=436%3Azajimave-osudy-agresora-samce-apa-bileho-z-przygodzic-v-polsku-&catid=107%3Azajimavosti&lang=en

On link photos here you can see the male with black ring and how easy is now to recognize the couple:



Best regards

Eva Stets

Member of the project “Close to Storks”



As you can understand from last post up - the new couple decided to stay in our nest for the present breeding season and soon the female laying five eggs (any second day, between 48-50 h)

 - The 1st egg was observed for the first time on 1st April, 21:28h, you can see photos on: http://www.bocianyzprzygodzic.pun.pl/viewtopic.php?id=484&p=4

 - The 2nd egg was observed for the first time on 3rd April, 21:26h, photos on:


 - The 3rd egg has been noticed on 5 April 2010, 20:50h

Some photos you can see here:  http://www.bocianyzprzygodzic.pun.pl/viewtopic.php?pid=22704#p22704

 - The 4th egg has been noticed on 7 April 2010, 21:37h

Pictures you can see on:    http://www.bocianyzprzygodzic.pun.pl/viewtopic.php?pid=22871#p22871

Short videos you can see on: http://www.bocianyzprzygodzic.pun.pl/viewtopic.php?pid=22791#p22791

 - The 5th egg has been noticed on 9 April 2010, 23:53h

 Photos and video you can see on: http://bocianyzprzygodzic.pun.pl/viewtopic.php?id=480&p=3



In our Stork site http://www.bociany.ec.pl/if you click for the British flag, after you can read some more about the project "Close to Storks" with some information's from the past and this season.
Also in this site (little down) is a date from any laying eggs this year. If you click on any date - you can see some more - the post is in polish, but there is also many photos to see all - how was all the procedure with any eggs this year.

Here I pas few links to some nice photos from the nest:

http://www.allegaleria.pl/images/jvt5ukeyfgk363vpc4q4.jpg           http://www.allegaleria.pl/images/pmlkqebcsdx1hwmnv9hs.jpg

http://www.allegaleria.pl/images/2a2djq0fymqufhp9sbo9.jpg       http://www.allegaleria.pl/images/vly6yyu9lcra4dt3qqj.jpg

http://www.allegaleria.pl/images/umww7ifwrkkp323ogag.jpg           http://www.allegaleria.pl/images/23spbhpj0s960l1r9xa.jpg

 Best regards

Eva Stets

Now, after few days we will wait for the small storks.

 We can wait the young’s storks hatching 33-35 days after when the 1st egg was laying.
For example years before was:

2006 – The 1st chick was hatched after 34 days

2007 – after 35 days

2008 – after 35

2009 – after 34 days.

This year the 1st egg was laying on 1 April, so as you can see – the date to see the small storks is near.

As I write up the young's will hatching 33-35 days after when the 1st egg was laying, so it can be from 3-5 May for the first small.

Until this nice moment we have to wait and see what will happen

 I wish you good observations on  http://www.bociany.ec.pl  :)

 Down is a links to some photos with care (yet) of the eggs:





Best regards

Eva Stets

6 May 2010, 4.08 morning - The first chick hatched :) Some more photos you can see here: http://www.bocianyzprzygodzic.pun.pl/viewtopic.php?pid=23868#p23868 Short video with the moment when we see our first chick is here: http://www.bocianyzprzygodzic.pun.pl/viewtopic.php?pid=23870#p23870 Now we will waiting for the second which must come soon. You can see it all live on: www.bociany.ec.pl Regards Eva Stets

As I write in post up:  6 May 2010, 4.08 morning - The first chick hatched :)

After few houers the second small strok has hatched. It was the same day - 6 May 2010 and 12:35 (Polish time)

So, now will waiting for the 3th small stork on:  www.bociany.ec.pl

You can see some picture from the moments with the second chick here: http://www.bocianyzprzygodzic.pun.pl/viewtopic.php?pid=23871#p23871

Also video you can see here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDGYxmmuNlg

Best regards

Eva Stets

7 May 2010 early morning and we are waiting for the 3th stork chick. On the photo you can see two small end one from the eggs with some little "hole" / "shadow"...
Best regards
Eva Stets
Member of the "Close to Storks" project

7 May 2010, after 14.00h The third chick has hatched :)

You can see some photos and videos here:
Now we will waiting for the 4th chick on www.bociany.ec.pl
Eva Stets

8th of May, the fourth chick has been hatched. We had not much opportunity to watch hatching as the egg was covered up by the other three chicks.
Now we are looking forward to the hatching of the fifth egg.

Some pictures and videos from 8 May you can see on:



9 May, early morning we are waiting now for the 5th and the last chick. On the photo you can see on the 5th egg small  little "hole" / "shadow", so we hope to see soon the another small.

Let's see it together on www.bociany.ec.pl


Best regards
Eva Stets


11 May 2010 - very early mornig has hatched the 5th and the last our small stork.
Some few picture you can see here:
Short  video you can see here: 
So, now we will see how they going. Welcome to watch them on: http://www.bociany.ec.pl
Best  regards to all
Eva Stets


Very nice information about our project you can read here (Zbychur post):

Eva Stets

The news from our nest is not so good... :(
13 May we lost one from the chicks (the younger) and 14 May the second.
We hope that the another 3 small storks will be good.
Videos with the sad moments you can see on:  http://www.bocianyzprzygodzic.pun.pl/viewtopic.php?pid=24445#p24445
On the picture, the parents, dirty and wet from the rain, trying to keep warm them youngs.

The adults Storks are well:
More information's about this what happen one week ago - you can read here:
Best regards
Eva Stets


On Greek website of the Hellenic Wildlife Hospital (EKPAZ) (http://www.ekpazp.gr/multi158/ ) there is my short article about our storks including the story of the male stork, called from last year "Aggressor" (ringed as an adult by Pawel T. Dolata with ELSA tarsus ring last spring).
The text was earlier (25 April) published in Greek (therefore it covers events up to the 5th egg).   
Few days ago, it was also translated into English.

As you can see on the pictures the adults Storks in our nest  in Przygodzice are well and they are in the nest many times by day and every night.
I think, that is also very interesting to observe what doing the adults the time, when in some another nest is breeding season. I hope, you will like it to.
You can enjoy them for 24h on www.bociany.ec.pl
Best regards
Eva Stets

The stork's couple from nest in Przygodzice are well and moult (as you can see). Everyday they are in the nest in the morning and the evening - every night they are come back to the nest.
Photo taken 27 VI 2010 from www.bociany.ec.pl
Regards with best wishes to all