Joomla easy

I earlier wrote an article, questioning whether Mambo - Joomla's successor - could rightly claim "Power in Simplicity" (Mambo: Power in Simplicity?).

As the title of this article indicates, I have similar reservations about claims on frontpage, to effect that "Joomla is easy to install, simple to manage".
- "easy" and "simple" for web developer type hotshots, maybe, but surely not for many people, especially if they anticipate the ease of use they're accustomed to with, say, word-processiong software.

My concerns resurfaced today, when came across Joomla forum thread, on Top Ten Stupid Administrator Tricks - in tongue-in-cheek way, recommends using test server, keeping software up to date, not being too trustful of third-party software...
All sound advice, but hardly making for managing Joomla being real "simple".

I added post regarding this, saying it gave the lie to Joomla being simple to manage. Prompted one response, to which I replied - saying that should qualify what it's simple compared to; and got answer including:

"Simple compared to if I told you to open a copy of notepad or dreamweaver and build a site using HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript...

Populate the tables of a MySQL database while you're in there.. And when you're done, could you draw up an outline of the appropriate htaccess files, secure the database against malicious intent, and generally keep your frontpage off Zone-H?

Simple Compared to anything, and equal to other CMS software."

I've got to agree re being simple compared to building site using HTML, CSS etc etc - but then, many things are simple compared to all this!

But, not simple compared to "anything".
There's much to learn, much to do in running Joomla site(s).

And now I have site in 1.0.14, I have Joomla version that's set to become outdated (bar security releases), yet it appears by no means trivial to "migrate" to Joomla 1.5: for time being, not doing so.

- indeed, I've "migrated" to Drupal.






don't look the GPL horse in the mouth.

If you had been on Drupal 5 back then, you'd have found that migrating to Drupal 6 would be even worse than the path from Joomla 1.0 to 1.5 and once you got there, you'd have no backward compatibility with extensions.

Joomla is about as simple as any other PHP/mySQL web app. Within that category, it is the simplest once I've ever used in terms of taking the least time to install, configure, and use to develop a fully functional website according to the unique specs of any given project. (That doesn't mean it's the best FOSS web development platform for every project.)

If somebody made this as an installable platform then i'd be the first one to pay for it. I cant switch because ive paid so long in advance for my webhosting provider (to get prices down)...

Try it out its like using a word processor and you can just move the modules around!!!!


looks interesting, after v brief check of websiteNot free - but charge includes hosting, so interesting idea: get webhost coupled with software provider.If commit to them, will have to hope squarespace doesn't go belly up, or presumably would have trouble. (Even if don't go bust, if they have service deterioration, as some service providers suffer, would be hassle as well.) Still, they mention tnes of thousands of sites, so perhaps strong.