Cheung Chau Photo Gallery

Martin Williams


To see photos I've taken in various places on Cheung Chau, explore the map or click on the thumbnails below. See also Cheung Chau Photo Gallery on CheungChauHK.

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storm approaching folk on the street banyan boats streets and houses view of island, dusk island at dusk harbour at sunset lightning island at dusk girls ready for parade offerings to a god a god at dusk rainbow windsurfers sunset harbour at dusk temple kaido at sunset moon festival mini rugby temple kids lion dance bun towers praya at dusk Reclining Rock cave info cave entrance fa peng shek surf kwun yam wan view over the island, in summer

Cheung Chau

Po Yue Wan

Bun Festival parade


Human Head Rock

Last check before parade

Boats in harbour

Summer evening

Surf's down

God at sunset

Info on Cheung Po Tsai Cave

Cave entrance with explorer

Tin Hau Festival

Summer storm

Mini rugby

Evening beers

Vase Rock - Fa Peng Shek

Banyan tree

Ready for parade



Praya at Chinese New Year

Lion dance

Bun Festival haka

A Chinese New Year sunset

Bun Festival boy

Mid-Autumn Festival

Gwun Yu temple


Dotting the eyes

Burnt offerings

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Summer sunset

Near the cave

Heard it through the grapevine

Harbour from Sai Wan

Tin Hau temple, Sai Wan

Tung Wan, and Lantau

Kaito silhouette

On the waterfront

Earth God shrine


'Ello 'ello 'ello

Magic sky

Tin Hau temple

Dog on a cool plastic chair


Pak Tei, pre restoration

Pak Tei temple

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