Beidaihe birding

I believe that at Beidaihe, we have the chance to create the world’s most exciting reserve for migratory birds.

Autumn bird migration at Beidaihe 1986 to 1990 conclusions

Beidaihe autumn bird migration report (1986-1990): species systematically treated

Autumn bird migration at Beidaihe, China, 1986-1990

red-crowned cranesBeidaihe is one of the world's migration hotspots.

Checklist of the birds of Beidaihe, east China

A conservation plan for Beidaihe, China

Just back from Beidaihe (east China) - for bird race commemorating 20th anniversary of team including me pitching up for first survey since 1940s. Was in China 10-16 May; as well as Beidaihe, also made it to Happy Island.

Some info here, as just sent to my family, which I hope will be of interest. Plan to do more, inc for this website.

Following suggestion from Dr George Archibald, director of International Crane Founation, I mentioned idea for another survey, inc cranes. Didn't push for it - wasn't much time given all other things going on; but I have a few ideas. Maybe a mix of some Chinese birders, who mostly I hope might have some free time from work (weekends), and perhaps see if can encourage some overseas birders to stay for a while.