Inspired by Wallace's book The Malay Archipelago, and enticed by the Spice Islands and the chance of adventure, I'm travelling to Ternate and nearby Bacan and Halmahera.

Much as Darwin was influenced by his findings on the Galapagos, Wallace drew on discoveries he made on tropical islands where sea level changes played vital roles in determining species distributions.

It’s a scintillating morning in north Botswana, and I’m privileged to be standing within touching distance of an African savannah elephant

bantengExploring two outstanding national parks that are close to Jakarta, yet take time to reach - well rewarding the effort with splendid forests, scenery and wildlife watching.

Black Kite is one of Hong Kong's most familiar birds.

Scenes of the wilder side of Cheung Chau - an island in southwest Hong Kong, during spring 2010.

Here's part 1 of a video I shot, on a trip to the Sundarbans mangrove forest in October 2009:

Taman Negara - rainforest national park in Malaysia

Hong Kong's rare dolphin, spoonbill, tree frog, and a dragonfly

leopardAn adventure blending Sri Lanka’s wildlife, scenery, and rich cultural heritage.