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Enchanting Hong Kong - which I wrote and photographed - reveals the many facets of this kaleidoscopic destination.

Calendar with Hong Kong landscape and wildlife photos by Martin Williams

Hiking book on Hong Kong, by me; classic routes in pocket sized guide.

Cheung Chau is a small yet fascinating island, offering a chance for a wonderfully varied day trip. There's a village beside a harbour that's home to one of Hong Kong's largest fishing fleets, and with the three-storey houses arrayed along narrow streets it has an almost Mediterranean atmosphere. The only car is a police car.

While it’s all too easy to turn on a tap and take the flow of water for granted, Hong Kong’s water supply system has been vital to its development as a “world city”.

Tai O and Yi O - Lantau's western wonders 漫遊大嶼之西...大澳丶二澳

I’ve made a short film on Tai O and Yi O, west Lantau:
Emphasis on nature, need for conservation; includes dwindling wetland at Tai O, and the new rice fields at Yi O.
English with Chinese subtitles.
Special thanks to David Jack for sponsorship, also to Ho Pui Han of the Association for Tai O Environment and Development, and Alan Wong and LH Lee of Yi O Agricultural Cooperation, for participation and info.

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Black Kite is one of Hong Kong's most familiar birds.

A swift tour round Hong Kong bars, pubs n discos