Lots of Places You Absolutely Want to Go

A family holiday, with strong birding - and photography - elements, in Yunnan, sw China.

Xi Jinping talks up environmental protection in China

China is beset by a multitude of environmental problems, as noted elsewhere in this forum. Interesting, then, to find article with what seem promising remarks by China's president, Xi Jinping. Includes:
[quote]Ecological protection has been a major focus for the ongoing "two sessions" -- China's most important annual political event.

Although much has since been said and written about the need for China to reverse its environmental decline, recent years have abounded with news reports telling of the nation’s earth lurching from bad to terrible.

China is not a good place to be a bird

The Economist Xmas edition has a strong article on birdwatching in China, particularly waterbirds, inc search for Chinese crested tern.


China is not a good place to be a bird. I learnt this when I moved from Hong Kong, still a British colony, to Beijing. Though my home in Hong Kong was in the heart of the city, dense scrub tumbled down the slopes from the Peak. I was driven out of bed every morning by a raucous dawn chorus.