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US Study not finding wild birds carrying highly pathogenic bird flu

'"Despite the industry pointing its finger at the wild birds, it's just not there," said Michael Osterholm, who directs the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. "It was not the source of widespread transmission to many operations throughout the Upper Midwest.”'

Also maybe of interest, if you haven’t seen:

Bird flu better renamed poultry flu

Some years ago, Nial Moores of Birds Korea advocated renaming bird flu as poultry flu.
Much the same arguments here, in a letter to the South China Morning Post published on 17 Feb 2014:
[quote]Considering other names for bird flu

Here is a modest proposal regarding the report (“China’s poultry industry wants to hush up bird flu news in damage control bid”, February 5).

Notions that migratory birds are responsible for spreading the New n Nasty H5N1 Bird Flu Variant around Asia are quackers (chiefly looking at 2003/2004 outbreaks)

Info and links re bird flu, especially the nasty H5N1 variant in Asia

Catfish at fish farm in Java fed dead chickens - helping show integrated fish farming may play role in spreading H5N1 bird flu.