Birds at Dinghu Shan, Zhaoqing, Guangdong

I received an enquiry re birding sites near Guangzhou; suggested Dinghu Shan - and v pleasing to just receive this as follow-up:

I wrote to you several weeks ago, asking for advice on where to go birdiing iin the Gunagzhou area. You suggested Dinghu Shan, a sanctuary two hours west of Guangzhou. We took you up on your suggestion and hired a van and driver for the day which cost us 800 yuan (about 100 CDN). We thought Dinghu Shan was beautiful, like a Chinese painting - pagodas, waterfalls set in a lush forest.

The birding was a bit up and down - long lulls with practically no birds at all followed by frenzied waves of birds that seemed to the everywhere. Highlights included Scarlet and Grey chinned minivets; Yellow cheeked and Black-throated Tits; Chestnut and Mountain Bulluls plus a variety of other birds Fulvetas, Babblers, Munias, etc.

Highlights elsewhere in Guangzhou included a beautiful Long-tailed Shrike by the pool in back of our hotel and a single Great Barbet and lots of Fork-tailed Sundbirds at the Canton Orchid Garden.

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