The vicar, the mayor, and the foul-mouthed parrot

UK paper the Guardian recently had tale about a parrot (macaw) that could have come straight from Monty Python. Though Barney is clearly a long way from being an ex-parrot, or a stiff.

The macaw - called Barney - was in a UK animal sanctuary that was being toured by a civic party, members of which were blissfully unaware his previous owner didn't like authority. Until, that is, Barney saw the mayor and said, "Fuck off," before noticing a lady vicar, and adding: "You can fuck off too."

Looks like the cops were called in, two bobbies bowling up only to have Barney spot em and turn the air blue again: "And you can fuck off, you wankers."

My oh my, what a naughty bird. Now, it seems, he's in rehab - listening to Radio 4 on the good old BBC; and apparently with a fondness for watching documentaries.

At least the report notes he does say "Thank you" when you give him a treat. For myself, I'd like to say thanks to Barney, for making me laugh.

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