cranes, storks, bustards in nov 2005

great to see Chinese birders now doing more at Beidaihe, inc this autumn (here, editing message posted to oriental bird club newsgroup, to include just Beidaihe records)

Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2005 10:16:29 +0800 (CST) From: Beijing BWS Subject: China Birding News Nov 2005 Dear OBers, Greetings from Mainland China.

Below is the China Birding News for November 2005. Oriental White Storks at Beidaihe, Hebei: 565 flew over at 17:10 on 8 Nov; 257 flew over at 6:35 on 9 Nov; 292 flew at 9:00; 70 flew over at 13:10 the same day[Liu Xuezhong]; 

Red-crowned Cranes at Beidaihe, Hebei on 11 Nov: 98 flew over at 13:31, 46 flew over at 13:45[Liu Xuezhong];

Two Great Bustards flew over Beidaihe, Hebei on 15 Nov[Liu Xuezhong];

Good Birding!

Beijing Bird Watching Society

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