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Worthwhile article on trying to be realistic but not too darn depre

Time, I think, to start a thread with some info on

More than a billion people are set to be exposed to coastal flooding by 2060 through a combination of sea level rise, storm surges and extreme weather.

Fusion Power and Human Failings

There is potential for deriving virtually unlimited clean energy from fusion power, without the severe downsides of nuclear power based on splitting atoms apart.

Goodbye dinosaurs Hello birds

Stunning fossils from Mesozoic Pompeii illuminate the dawn of birds.

So You Want to be a Cyborg?

Off-the shelf headsets and DIY implants can help get you started.

A Man for All Sequences Frederick Sanger

Frederick Sanger made pivotal contributions to studying the chemistry of life.

To the Spice Islands of Wallacea

Inspired by Wallace's book The Malay Archipelago, and enticed by the Spice Islands and the chance of adventure, I'm travelling to Ternate and nearby Bacan and Halmahera.

red ferry to hk dramatic tone
black kite sun setting in Hong Kong
feisty-crab-shui-hau on Lantau in Hong Kong
tiger butterflies pui o lantau

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Turtle Park, Malaysia
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James Hansen Godfather of Climate Change retires yet will be very busy
A Man for All Sequences Frederick Sanger
A Man for All Sequences Frederick Sanger
And Man Created the God Particle
Anti-science idiocy threatens catastrophic consequences
Blue light at last wins Nobel for LED titans
Dreamliner Troubles yet Lithium Batteries Flying High
Ebola’s inner rampage and praise for dirt plus optimum sex
Fusion Power and Human Failings
Fusion Power and Human Failings
Genius of the Jungles: Alfred Russel Wallace
Goodbye dinosaurs Hello birds
Goodbye dinosaurs Hello birds
Happy 100th Birthday to the Bohr Atom!
How to Spot a Scientific Dud
Laughter n more science in the Xmas season
Leaps of Logic and Faith versus Evolution Science
Mapping Our Way to Mind Control?
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Rise of the Superbugs
Robots Rising
Scientific Dieting Cooks Up a Moveable Feast
Sleep Science plus insomniac fruit flies, angry women and brain-washing
So You Want to be a Cyborg?
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Thorium can Power the Planet …. Maybe
Volcanoes: Where the Earth Screams
Wonderful World of 3D Printing
Blog post on holiday in Wallacea
Catfish Farm
Confessions of a crazy conservationist
Forest Conservation in Indonesian Borneo
Gurney's Pitta in Thailand
No use captive breeding rare species if there is no habitat left for them
Philippine Eagle Mindanao
Saving Yunnan snub-nosed monkey
South China tiger
Sundarbans in Bangladesh
Taman Negara rainforest, Malaysia
TCM and Conservation
Wind farms and migratory birds
Wonders of Bird Migration - and Threatened Asian Wetlands